Parenting with Self Awareness

May 3, 2016

Parents usually have an assumption in their mind that whatever they preach to their children is good for them and they must follow but it may be a wrong assumption if it is not imbibed in actions and behavior of parents. They learn through through your actions,

Have your ever noticed that how children see things, How focused they are , How curious they are. Their recorded observations become a part of their learning process, they practice what they learn  and become what you don't want them to be. If there is a contradiction between what you say and what you do, there are high chances to have behavioral issues & negative impact on their thought process 

When a child started questions to their parents but get scolded and sometimes even threaten & beaten by their parents if the question is against their set of beliefs and ‘religion’.In the later age when these children become parents and society stake holders they also react the same way.Curiosity is the basic nature of a child. I am not saying every question must be answered at the same moment or the one who is at position to give the answers must have all the answers. At least an honest response can be shared. 

Watch your actions, if you guide them to be polite, Your politeness should be reflected in your behavior, if you want them to be honest make sure you are with yourself first.

Parents lie in front of their children just to save few bucks while they are travelling in bus or train, what we actually taught him, to be dishonest to save money because money is more important than values & being honest.

When you don’t want to meet someone or not in a mood to attend a call, you ask your child to say that “You are not at home”. You made him learnt that by lieing you can easily run away from difficult situations.

When you are driving in the morning & going to drop your child to school, you jumped red light because there were no traffics cops. Your child is observing you. You made him learnt that traffic rules are important only when cops are there.

Life is not about complication or difficulties, either we perceive it or make it complicated. When you start believing it easy,you will experience it simple.It’s a matter of choice, We are the role model of our child & we have to strive our best to raise our child with love, compassion & self awareness. See, The most interesting thing is that you would not need to make much efforts when raising them with love, compassion & self awareness.A quality teaching at school & good parenting at home will make this planet humble,compassionate & more beautiful.



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May 3, 2016

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May 3, 2016

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